January 11, 2010

News of the weird = instant pleasure

Back in 2004 Seth Swirsky, the pop genius behind The Red Button, sang about his -- and probably every mans -- need for instant gratification. Hell, he named an entire album Instant Pleasure -- and it's a fantastic album of sixties infused, pscyhadelia tinged, dreamy, swirling, and about a dozen other complimentary adjectives, power pop.

Anyhow, I stumbled across this article while studying up for quiz night. Roxxy the Sex Robot would seem to fit the bill for instant pleasure (there's a male version as well, appropriately name Rocky). Oh, and the bill is about $7,000. I wonder if you can write that off your taxes?

Seth Swirsky -- Instant Pleasure

And just to prove all that stuff about Swirsky's fantastic album is true, here is another cool cut.

Seth Swirsky -- Only Me Fair May