January 29, 2010

RIP Ripchord?

If you get all teary eyed yearning for hard and fast power pop then get yourself a clean hanky to dry those eyes. Here's a power pop band that is really good. That means they shred. They tear it up. Get it? Right, then. By the way, you might have to get on down to your local nudie bar to see them on tour. Ahhh, crap. Wait. You can't see them because apparently they're not together anymore. So, you'll have to come up with your own excuse to get down to your the local strip club. Sorry.

was a Brtipop band through and through, with all the requisite retro influences from The Kinks to the The Undertonesto Blur to The Kaiser Chiefs. Overall the band's sound is sharp with ringing guitars, catchy melodies, and clever lyrics. Even some ba-ba-ba-bas. The songs bounce ... no they jump up and down, and at times seem to crash into each other not unlike a friendly mosh pit. Through it all were some pretty damn jaunty melodies speeded up and taken to the next level of intensity, but without losing their innocence. That's what kept the Ripchord's power pop from bursting into out and out punk rock. Along with some cool keyboards, hummable lyrics and a lack of safety pins and barbed wire.

Everyone should find something to like with Ricpchord. If nothing else you gotta like a band that took an insult like "the Beatles on speed" and embraces it through and through. For the record, my new favorite song is the Ripchord's "Lock Up Your Daughters". So what if I'm a little johnny-come-lately.

Ripchord -- My Precious Valentine

Ripchord interview

Ripchord -- Lock Up Your Daughters