January 24, 2010

Modcast #153: Doin' The iMod Shuffle II

Welcome to Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World. If you're a slave to shuffle like I am then you know that every once in a while your ipod or whatever digital player you're listening too, serves up a one in a million string of absolutely great songs that even though they they have little in common, at that moment, in that space, in your head, it's the perfect mix. For me this usually happens when I'm walking the dog, just as it did last week. I rushed home and wrote down the list and this week's show featurs those eleven songs just as they came up on my ipod -- and I'm calling it the iMod shuffle. So, here's your chance to peek behind the curtain as it were and see what's on my ipod.

The Rolling Stones -- As Tears Go By
Deee-Lite -- Groove Is In The Heart
The Bangles -- Going Down To Liverpool
The Beat -- Best Friend
The Go-Gos -- Lust To Love
Hammerbox -- When 3 Is 2
Oingo Boingo -- Only A Lad
Squeeze -- Pulling Mussles From (The Shell)
The Kinks -- Set Me Free
Paul Weller -- Science
The Four Tops -- Fool On The Hill

Hammerbox -- Somewhere Under The Moon

The Bangles -- I'm In Line