March 14, 2021

Modcast #474: For your Listening Pleasure

 Great line up for this go around with a little bit of everything from some soul to ska to psych-pop to garage rock.

Listen Now

The Eddies -- Show Me (2020)
The False Positives -- Closed Circuit TV Romance (2020)
Paul Messis -- Please Don't Tell Me Why (2020)
Chris Church -- Learn (2021)
Popular Creeps -- Split Decision (2021)
Supertonic Sound Club - Let's Get Arrested (2020)
Bhopal's Flowers -- When The Sinner Becomes A Saint (Then The Devil Bleeds) (2021)
Exploding Flowers -- Amongst The Burnt Out Stars (2020)

Joystick -- Parellelograms (2021)
Kill Lincoln -- Civil Surgery (2020)
Block 33 -- High Street Blues (2020)
(Music Venue Trust)
French Girls -- Crazy Yo! (2013)
Candy Smokes -- Ya Ya Ya (2021)
The Jack Cades -- Where To Go (2020)
The Mudd Club -- Bored To Death (2021)
David Newton and Thee Mighty Angels -- The Songs That Changed Our Lives (Feat. Eddie Argos) (2021)

The Mudd Club - Bottle Blonde

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