March 2, 2016

Modcast #352: Pleased To Meet Me, Album 1, Side 1, Track 1

Every story starts somewhere. In music, every band or artist has a first album, and every album has a side one. Or, at least they used to when LPs ruled the day. And every record had a side one, track one. So this week you're going to get a bunch of great bands very first introduction of themselves to you, the music loving public.

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The Classic Negroni
I like the bitterness that comes with the Campari, and I think it works best over ice rather than straight up. That being said I always use one giant ice cube for slow dilution and absolute chilling. Like diamonds, with ice bigger is always better.
1 oz. gin
1 oz. Campari
1 oz. sweet vermouth
On the rockes
Garnish: orange twist



Toy Dolls -- Dig That Crazy Groove Baby (1983)
Ramones -- Blitzkreig Bop (1976)
The Damned -- Neat Neat Neat (1977)
Sex Pistols -- Holidays In The Sun (1977)
Generation X -- From The Heart (1978)
X -- Your Phone's Off The Hook But You're Not (1980)
Black Flag -- Rise Above (1981)
Mod Fun -- I Can See (Everything) (1985)
The Odd Numbers -- Don't Bother Me (1990)
The Prisoners -- Better In Black (1982)
The Purple Hearts -- Jimmy (1980)
The Gents -- The Faker (1981)
Diodes -- Red Rubber Ball (1977)
The Risk -- Man Insane (1987)
The Undertones -- Family Entertainment (1979)

Generation X -- Your Generation

The Undertones -- Teenage Kicks