November 16, 2022

The Ghosts of Modcast Christmas Invitationals Past

Christmas is when friends and family gather to share the joy of the season. Oh, and to bitch at each other out about stuff. We try to keep that at a minimum here. Sadly.

The Modcast Invitationsls
[Updated 2022]

Modcast #254: Mods' Christmas Faves (Original modcast invitational)
The first ever modcast invitational with The Bang, The Ice Cream Man, The School, Warren Peace and more.
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Modcast #287: Mr. Suave's 2nd Annual Christmas Modcast Invitational
Light the lights, trim the tree, shake up some holiday concoctions and hear from mod bands, bloggers, DJs from around the world as they share their fave tracks.
Listen now

Modcast #316: Mr. Suave's 3rd Annual Christmas Modcast Invitational
Wherein I'm once again joined by the likes of Penny Lane, RAF, Paradise, Warren Peace, The Ice Cream Man and many more sharing their favorite seasonal sounds.
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Modcast #346: 4th Annual Christmas Modcast Invitational
This is the 4th Annual Christmas Modcast Invitational. As I do each year I've sent out a decree to mod bands, DJs, bloggers, and podcasters that they present themselves for holiday inspection. Got a group of folks this year with some really great songs, a few classics, a couple of real gems. Inspector 12 says they passed with flying colors. Listen now.

Modcast #501: 2021 Christmas Invitational
This holiday modcast is a show for music lovers, so if you're not one you're listening to the wrong podcast. Listen now.

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