December 18, 2021

Modcast #501: 2021 Christmas Invitational

This holiday modcast is a show for music lovers, so if you're not one you're listening to the wrong podcast. If you are one then you're in the right place as I've enlisted the help of a whole bunch of fun folks to share their fave holiday music with us all. We'll hear from James Clark of James Clark Institute, Rex & Christina of Big Stir Records, Vic Wayne from Star Collector, Mike Patton of Vista Blue, DJ Parka Pat from Addicted To The Needle, Neal Augenstein of Modest Proposal, and longtime modcasters DJ Ken and Mary Queen of Cosmos. Plus you can mix up some Christmas cheer with Parka Pat's holiday cocktail recipe. Get to listenin' kids! 

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Mr. Suave: The Waitresses -- Christmas Wrapping
DJ Ken: Miles Davis & Bob Dorough -- Blue Xmas (To Whom It May Concern)
James Clark of James Clark Institute: James Clark Institute -- Father Christmas
Neal Augenstein of Modest Proposal: The Mockers -- (There's No War On Christmas) When Christmas Is In Your Heart
Vic Wayne of Star Collector: Star Collector -- Almost Funny
Mr. Suave: Pointed Sticks -- Power Pop Santa
Rex & Christina of Big Stir Records: Librarians With Hickeys -- Listen, The Snow Is Falling Mike Patton of Vista Blue: Jimmy Donely -- Santa, Please Don't Pass Me By
DJ Parka Pat of Addicted To The Needle Podcast: Big John Greer -- We Wanna See Santa Do The Mambo
Mary Queen of Cosmos: Bill Murry with Phoenix -- Alone on Christmas Day
Mr. Suave: The Shitbirds -- Christmas is a Comin'
Stevie Wonder -- What Christmas Means To Me

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