January 30, 2009

Mod-A-Day: Shel Naylor

One Fine Day is actually a Dave Davies song that the Kinks cast off. It was picked up by Shel Naylor aka Rob Woodward who was being managed by the Kinks producer Larry Page and he recorded and released a vocal version of the song that became quite a hit in the UK. And not without good reason. It's a floorshaking piece of sixties freakbeat R&B that could bring the lame to their feet. Woodward went on to bigger and better things with Lieutenant Pigeon which did mostly instrumentals and later Stavely Makepeace, something a of a joke band that did novelty songs. But, novelty songs that turned into chart topping #1 hits. Still, One Fine Day has to be some of Naylor's finest work.

Shel Naylor -- One Fine Day