January 27, 2009

Mod-A-Day: The Gymslips

Whisky makes you frisky/Gin makes you sin/Brandy makes you randy/and rum makes you ... ?

That's the catchy --and classic-- chorus from The Gymslip's Drink Problem, from their only LP release, 1983's Rockin' With The Renee's. After that release the band moved away from the harder edged post-punk sound they'd always had, and adopted a more new wavish, synthesized sound for the final couple of singles.

Not exactly sure what a Gymslip is, could be lots of things. One thing for sure is that's a good name for an all ladies quartet who considered themselves Rockin' Renees with a sound that embraced punk and power pop, and had a certain girlish agression that made them some of the earliest of the Riot Grrls. In addition to the very catchy chorus, Drink Problem has a drunken charm all its own that grows on you a little more with each listen. It's a fun track, and clever.

The Gymslips-- Drink Problem


Anonymous said...

Where did the music file go?! I was so happy to find this song here b/c I can't find it anywhere else!

Mr. Suave said...

The song file is still working for me. Try right clicking on the post title and "save target as"

Anonymous said...

i think a gymslip was like a typically flimsy and seethrough underskirt that they made girls wear when they did physical education and sports.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. For whatever reason, the song entered my head today and I was happy to see your entry as I never knew who sang it.

Anonymous said...

A gymslip is something akin to a medical excuse from doing any exercise at a secondary (7-12th grade) physical education class. For ladies, it meant they were dealing with menstrual issues.

Anonymous said...

Dudes, I am shocked.
A gymslip is NOTHING to do with excuses noit to do PE, and certainly nothing to do with menstation. It is an old term, a sleeveless tunic type top was called a slip, as in you slipped it on, a gymslip was a slip for the gym.


Hope it helps.