January 26, 2009

Mod-A-Day: Trotsky Icepick

You can't not like a band called Trotsky Icepick. One of the all time great band names, I think. Imagine calling your band Jeffrey Dahlmer's Lips or John Wayne Gacy's Kitchen Knife (if anyone ever uses those you owe me). Trotsky Icepick was a post-punk band playing from 1983-1993 and boasted members from The Last, Leaving Trains and 100 Flowers, all bona-fide members of either the paisley underground or garage punk scene in southern California. This is probably their most popular song, Bury Manilow, a really great piece of synchopated post punk that comes from Trotsky's 1988 long player titled Baby presumably because of the really fat and creepy baby on the album comver -- by far the band's best produced and overall best album. The vocals by lead singer Vitus Matare always bring to mind for me Stan Ridgeway from Wall of Voodoo. Interestingly, Nirvana would later praise the band as an influence and herald them as forerunners of their grunge sound.

Trotsky Icepick-- Bury Manilow