January 28, 2009

Mod-A-Day: Permanent Green Light

I could have just died when in mid 80s one of the really great mod bands of the California scene seemingly turned their back on their tried and true sound and took a turn for the worst -- at least what I thought was the worst. A sort of poppiefied new romantic sound that had almost nothing of the sixties influenced power pop tunecraft that The Three O'Clock had been famous for over the past half decade. But time marches on and good song writers turn back to their strengths. Such is what happened with Permanent Green Light, headed up by former Three O'Clock front man Michael Quercio. We Could Just Die from the band's self-titled debut sounds like it was a cast off from a Three O'Clock recording session for Sixteen Tambourines. While Permanent Green Light is a mixed bag of good and not so great songs, We Could Just Die is the best track and more than makes up for some of the weaker points on the release.

Permanent Green Light -- We Could Just Die