January 20, 2009

Mod-A-Day: Die Funf Freunde

[Note: Sorry for the disappearance of this post for a day or so. I was trying to correct a typo and inadvertently left the post in draft form instead of publishing it. Never fear, it's back now.]
I just discovered this band a few days ago (H/T Take The Pills) and just that simple thing made my day. Go figure. Die Funf Freunde are a German band with extremely mod-friendly tendencies. Like power pop. And jangly guitars. And sixties influences. And really cool music. And they herald from a record label that has produced some of the world's finest pop band, Marsh Marigold (I am most certainly not exagerating -- they're home of bands like Acid House Kings, Groovy Cellar and Most Wanted Men).

Anyhow, I started listening to this album --Inspektor, Inspektor-- and it completely captivated me. Seriously. I listened to it for three days in a row while walking the dog. That's captivation people. Many of the songs are in German, and mine is rusty (Okay I'm lying, I barely speak it at all. Allright, allright, I barely passed a couple quarters of it in extension classes in order to get my diploma. Still ... I got some of it). German, English, who cares when the songs are this well crafted. This is indie pop to be sure, but indie pop from a band that I will bet has at least one reformed mod in its midst. Make My Day is a short, purely mod pop song with a great little organ riff and artsy guitars. I suspect the band is no more since this was apparently done last century -- sometime in the early 90s. Still, we can listen and we can remember and we can enjoy. Even if we don't always undserstand the German.

The Funf Freunde-- Make My Day