January 10, 2009

Mod-A-Day: The Untouchables

What can I say about a band that I grew up with in so many ways. The Untouchables were the quintessential So Cal mod band combining soul, ska, sixties R&B and power pop into an infectious mix of dancable music. Not surprisingly the band was raw and rough around the edges on their eary singles like Twist & Shake and The General. But by 1984 when they released their Live and Let Dance EP, the sound had become smoother, yet not so polished as to have lost its charm. And the live shows were becoming legendary throughout the California mod scene.

This track, What's Gone Wrong, garnered local airplay on the alternative college stations, but also on commercial stations like KROQ (thanks to Rodney of course) and San Diego's 91X. It wasn't at all surprising throughout the decade to tune into one of the stations and here this reggae and soul influenced ska piece come blaring out the speakers. Not surprising, but indescribably pleasing.

The Untouchables--What's Gone Wrong

The band appeared in a number of movies during the 80s including Surf II and No Man's Land. Here they are playing themselves, riding scooters and creating their "tough guy" image in Repo Man.