January 24, 2009

Mod-A-Day: The Nice

Daddy, Where Did I Come From? A question a child might ask but not a childish song at all. This is a bit of modish freakbeat psychadelia from 1968, by The Nice. The Nice started out as the backing band for ex-Ikette soul diva PP Arnold when she struck out on her own, but quickly moved to doing their own jazz-blues rock sets. They were fronted by Keith Emerson, and often heralded as the forefathers of the prog rock scene of the 70s. Indeed, Emerson later formed one of the premiere prog rock outfits which became known as Emerson Lake and Palmer. But, in the late 60s they were still working on pop influenced psych rock, with just a hint of the quirky orchestration that ELP would be known for in the 70s arena rock era. Daddy, Where Did I Come From has elements of style from the Moody Blues to Pink Floyd, and also includes modish overtones of later Small Faces and The Creation.

The Nice-- Daddy Where Did I Come From