December 6, 2009

Modcast #148: The Mods Are All Crazy Now

Bienvenue au monde de M. Mod Suave's Mod, ce qui était français mod Beat Band Sheetah et Weissmüller ouverture du salon. Or, as we say in English, -- which I have to since my French is really terrible, Welcome to Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World. This week's show is opened by a swingin' freakbeat bit of a piece from French mod combo Sheetah & les Weissmüller. The track here is from their brand new album which is all in French, but does sport one song in english, a blistering cover of "My Little Red Book". Lots more brand new stuff on the show from Lucky Fish, Dwight Twilley, The Rifles and Reel Big Fish, as well as some old faves from Elton Motello, Elastica, The Len Price 3 and more.

Sheetah & les Weissmuller -- Pire que le Silence (2009)
Lucky Fish -- Lights Out (2009)
Dwight Twilley -- Little Sister (2009)
The Rifles -- The Great Escape (2009)
The Len Price 3 -- Lai-Ha Lam (2005)
Elastica -- Waking Up (1995)
Elton Motello -- Pogo Pogo (1978)
The Fleshtones -- Late September Moon (2005)
Mystic Eyes -- Enough of What I Need (1984)
Wild Fang The Band with 1001 Names -- Like Ringo (1984)
Reel Big Fish -- Mama We're All Crazy Now (2009)

Sheetah and Weissmüller -- le Vengeur Masqué

The Rifles -- Repeat Offender