December 3, 2009

Mod-A-Day: Klark Kent

From the obscurity files it's Klark Kent, or if you're in Japan it's Klerk Kant. Either way it was all a goof for The Police's Stewart Copeland. He'd penned some songs that the big man -- Sting -- didn't deem to be Police-like, and so Copeland along with his IRS Label head brother Miles created the post-punk power pop band Klark Kent. They produced this single in 1978, "Don't Care" and followed that up with an eight track EP in 1980. Don't expect to ever hear The Police breakout any of these songs in concert, as they weren't written by, nor do they further the adolation and career of, Sting. You know if it isn't about him it isn't worth wasting time on.

Klark Kent -- Don't Care