December 17, 2009

Mod-A-Day: Holiday

Holiday is an indie band with that twee sound that borrows so heavily from the sixties, and is so obviously influenced by soul music, and yet is somehow reluctant to make that too obvious. Nevertheless, you can't hide good taste in influences. They have a way of shining through, just like crappy Nightranger influences have a way of sinking an album before it rises, thankfully.

Anyow, Holiday is a twee like band that produced some absolutely dreamy pop music in the 90s. The sound was very orchestrated, in that sort of soft, dreamy, sugary way that most indie pop bands were during that period. The vocals are sweetly harmonized, the guitar is just oh-so-slilghtly reverbed, there's some nice placed hand claps, and some twanginess throughout that will never make you think country music, even though that's where it originated. The songs are all full of catchy hooks, dreamy melodies and very, very well polished, to the point of being overrehearsed.

There's a self-titled debuted, and then there's a second album that shows the band advancing lightyears ahead, Ready Steady Go. Both are good, but Ready Steady Go is not to be missed if you're a fan of sixties styled pop music rounded out by modern sounds and sensibilities.

Holiday -- Who's Gonna Find Out

Holiday -- How Do You Know