December 27, 2009

Mod-A-Day: The Little Girls

The Little Girls were an obscure 80's power pop band from Los Angeles that was equal parts Toni Basil and The Bangles, with a heavy dose of The Knack, and a splash of Nikki Corvette thrown in for good measure. Their sound was typical of the era, power pop with some synthesizers and thanks to the female vocals a very poppy, at times surf like feel.

They started out in 1980 and like many others I discovered them thanks to Rodney on the Roq playing their singles. With two female leads, backed by an all boy band, they quickly built a solid following in the Southern Californiaarea. But, by 1985 they'd broken up leaving behind an EP and one sole album release. Only recently have they have gotten back together with three original members still in the band.

Little Girls -- How To Pick Up Girls