December 10, 2009

Mod-A-Day: Alan Hawkshaw

–adjective, groov-i-er, groov-i-est
1. Slang. highly stimulating or attractive; excellent: groovy music; a groovy car.
2. Alan Hawkshaw

If ever there was a mod session man, Alan Hawkshaw is that man. In the UK in the sixties he was a leading Hammond organ purveyor incorporating the sound into ... well just about everything. He composed and arranged music not just for artists, but for commercials, TV, and movies. And it was always with the organ as the center piece of a funky, go-go, groovin' sound. At times he was like Walter Wanderly and at others like Georgie Fame, but overall he was simply stunning in his focus on what sounded hip and cool, always infusing his work with soul, boogaloo and funk. Lounge and beat afficianados will know his work from countless compilations such as the Music For TV Dinners and Blow Up series or the Lounge Deluxe box set. To get a serious handle on his sound pick up the very "now sound" release The Champ by his own "band" The Mohawks.

Alan Hawkshaw -- Beat Boutique

Alan Hawkshaw -- Girl In A Sportscar