December 14, 2009

Mod-A-Day: The Headlights

After hearing the delightful sixties pop sounding, soul influenced "Catch Them All" by The Headlights I had high hopes. You know what happens to high hopes, they get dashed -- which is why low hopes are so much more realistic, sadly.

The Headlights Some Racing, Some Stopping saw them mature into a much more serious musical combo. They ditched the overdone emo-laden shoegaze pop that had so weighted them down previously. Instead, Some Racing, Some Stopping let the band free to float into new stratospheres of pop music blending bouncy, soulful melodies with sweet vocal harmonies, all backed with a nice design of atmospheric guitars and keyboards. It seemed to good to be true. And some of the songs were just that -- "Catch Them All" and "Cherry Tulips" especially.

Alas, perhaps it was too good to be true. Their latest EP seems to have drifted back down to the depths of overproduction, more shoegaze than light hearted.

The Headlights -- Catch Them All