September 6, 2009

Modcast#139: The End of the Beginning

Welcome to Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World. Meant to have this show posted much earlier today, but better late than never right? You like mod driven music you say, well then this modcast is going to drive you insane. It's stocked with soul infused, R&B driven, power pop exactly like today's mods like it.

Big Boss Man - Triumph of the Olympian (2009)
The Selecter - They Make Me Mad (1980)
Pepper Pots -- You Don't Know Like I Know (2005)
Beat Direction -- Ska Au Go Go (1986)
Broken Jug -- New Generation (1985)
The Aromatics -- Maureen (1984)
Yard Trauma - I'm A Man (1988)
The Risk -- Jobs for the Boys (1986)
The Offsets -- For the Millionth Time (198?)
The Blades -- Chance To Stop (1985)
The Nips -- Gabrielle (1980)

The Blades -- Revelations of Heartbreak