September 29, 2009

Mod-A-Day: The Pigeon Detectives

If you like your power pop ala pub rock and infused with a fair helping of Britpop then you probably already know about The Pigeon Detectives. They've been plying their trade since '02 and have two excellent albums and some chart success to show for it. Their 2007 album Wait For Me reached #3 on the charts with a sound not unlike the Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand or The Fratellis. Their second album Emergency came just a year later and the first single made it into the top twenty. The band plays tight, guitar driven power pop with a bit of a post-punk vibe. There's lots of ringing guitars and crashing drums, and some nice vocal harmonies, all of which seems to cascade together effortlessly in a sort of beautiful accident. The song here, "I'm Not Going To Take This", is a nicely indie flavored, urgent bit of Britpop.

The Insomniacs -- That's Alright

The Pigeon Detectives -- I'm Not Sorry