September 3, 2009

Mod-A-Day: Mod Fun

In the early 80s in the US mod bands were few and far between and most were emulating the Jam or the Small Faces. New Jersey's Mod Fun were no different, except that they brought a great energy and intensity to music, along with a healthy dose of psychadelia and a clear love of sixties music from freakbeat to folk. Their sound is not far afield from The Three O'Clock and Manual Scan, with less of a garage feel and more of a sixties R&B vibe.

Mod Fun formed in 1983, released a few singles and dropped two excellent LPs before breaking up in 1987. A few years ago the band reformed and has been playing off and on ever since. The definitive collection is the Get Hip records retrospective Past Forward, and no decent mod collection is complete without it.

Mod Fun -- Your Eyes Reflect

Mod Fun -- Hope It's Today