September 20, 2009

Modcast #141: Sophisticated Synthesized Soul

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Welcome to Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World. Summer is slowly winding down here in Seattle which means this is one of the last shows of the summer, and if it sounds different that's because I recorded this outside on my deck under the glorious star studded night sky here in Seattle. Just getting in one last nice night before winter rains set in.

The show this week features predominately 80s sophistipop: soul mixed with jazz and pop, infused with strings and horns, and synthesized throughout. Lots of mod and mod friendly bands were part of the movement, which helped pave the way for the acid jazz of the 90s. Thanks to my friend Mary who's insistence that it would be worth the trip to Milano to see Swing Out Sister caused me to dig back through some old stuff and come up with a bunch of great tracks for this week's show. Enjoy.

Tahiti 80 -- The Train
Sade -- Hang On To Your Love
Brand New Heavies -- Stay This Way
Swing Out Sister -- Fooled By A Smile
Gentle Tuesday -- I've Never Been So Poorly Insulted In My Life
Everything But The Girl -- Another Bridge
Animal Nightlife -- Basic Ingredients
Simply Red -- Ain't That A Lot Of Life
Haircut 100 -- The Kick Of Love
Saint Etienne -- Spring

Haircut 100 -- Fantastic Day

Animal Nightlife -- Mr. Solitaire