September 21, 2009

Mod-A-Day: The Dirty Looks

The Dirty Looks --not the glam band-- were an underrated band in an underrated genre. They should have dominated the airwaves and sold millions of albums, but there's not accounting for bad taste. They started out in 1978 and quickly garnered a following and a record deal. Their first album featured guitar driven power pop, not uncommon for New York bands of the day, but darker in its lyrical content than most of the rest of the power pop scene. Songs like the punky "Love Comes in Spurts", "You're Too Old", and "Love Crimes", also pointed the way to the coming new wave explosion. The edgy song here, "12 O'Clock High", was years ahead it's time and could appear on any modern indie pop punk album. Their second album was reworked by Epic records without the band's permission. That left a bad taste in the band's mouth and some other bad breaks along the way finally led to their breakup.

The Dirty Looks -- 12 O'Clock High