April 21, 2010

Modcast #163: Listen Listen Listen

Welcome to Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World. Got a big, bold, beautiful show for you this week with new tracks from Paul Weller, The Booze and The School as well as new bands like Fitz and The Tantrums and Sunshine Highway. Along the way I've thrown in some golden oldies too from So Cal mod-skasters The Untouchables, and ska-pop new wavers Graduate. Kicking it all off is one of the Lambretta's earliest --and most underrated-- songs, and then I wrap it up with one of the most covered songs of all from soul diva P.P. Arnold. That last track has been recorded so many times I doubt anyone can get an accurate count of who's covered it over the years. It's been done by everyone from Dusty Springfield to the Pretenders. In fact Chrissy Hynde did a version on Friends. Nina Simone's recorded it, as has Olivia Newton John, and the Dead Milkmen even used to occasionally break into the chorus between songs during their live shows. The most famous version is the one from 1980 by Juice Newton. It was originally recorded in 1967, but didn't get released until 1968 when two different artists had hits with it simultaneously, one in the US, and Ms. Arnold's in the UK. So, listen, listen, listen.

The Lambrettas -- Listen, Listen, Listen (1978)
Paul Weller -- Moonshine (2010)
The Booze -- No Big Thing (2010)
Fitz and the Tantrums -- L.O.V. (2009)
The Lodger -- Stand Up (2010)
The School -- Valentine (2010)
Sunshine Highway -- Baby Be Good (2010)
Graduate -- Acting My Age (1980)
Amy Winehouse -- Hey Little Rich Girl (2008)
PP Arnold -- Angel Of The Morning (1968)

The Untouchables - Piece of Your Love

The Untouchables - I Spy for the FBI