August 1, 2009

Mod-A-Day: The School

In the same vein as the Pipettes and a host of other groups bringing back that sweet, Leader of the Pack styled girl group sound, here comes The School. Twee-sters the world over have been atwitter about The School since they dropped their first release "All I Wanna Do", which was soul infused, pop sounding twee through and through. Then last year they released the Let It Slip EP which is less twee like, and more sixtiesish, but not in a been there done that way. It's not truly old school --excuse the pun-- but more of a modern indie sound that owes a debt to the girl groups and pop music of yore. The track here, "I Want You Back" features delicious melodies, catchy hooks, jingle-jangly guitars, and even some great latinesque horn loops.

The School -- I Want You Back