August 21, 2009

Mod-A-Day: Hi-Fly Orchestra

The Hi-Fly Orchestra are a super smooth jazz combo from Germany. Playing a mix of soul and jazz, the band is more the latter, but enough of the former to make them one of the best of the acts currently mining the soul jazz mountains. They are decidedly less funky than many of their nu-soul colleagues, and have a more sixties feel, as well.
In their own words:
THFO was founded in 2005 by Jerker Kluge and Florian Riedl. Though played by young musicians, who are influenced by all kinds of todays music, the intent was to create music that sounds as hip as the classic jazz records of the blue note era. Music to dance, without DJ´s, electronics or samples, just pure acoustic music!
The band's sophmore release, Mambo Atomico, is fantastic bit of jazz. Mostly instrumental, they do have a couple of tracks featuring the Swedish soul diva, Miriam Ada. The song here, "Hi-Fly Stomp", is just one of those great pieces of music that no matter who you're doing, what you're drinking, or where you're at, it just seems perfect.

The Hi-Fly Orchestra -- Hi-Fly Stomp