August 12, 2009

Mod-A-Day: The Feeling

The Feeling are a British pop band that remind a bunch of the 88. Smooth, radio friendly, seventies styled pop rock with indie overtones. But just underneath the surface there's a cool attitude lurking there, a suave sort of confidence that gives the songs a nice little nudge toward the edgier side of heaven. Their 2006 debut charted three top ten songs and propelled the band to the forefront of pop music in the UK. The band's 2008 follow up seemed overly ambitious with the band stretching to be like Queen, or even The Killers. It wasn't a bad disk, but certainly didn't bring the joy that 2006's Twelve Stops and Home did. The song here, "Love It When You Call" starts with a video game like intro but moves quickly into strong power pop song.

The Feelings -- Love It When You Call