August 24, 2009

Mod-A-Day: Blacklight Chameleons

The Blacklight Chameleons were a mid-80s psychadelic garage band from New York. Their 1986 self-titled debut was a tour de force of garage revival with fuzzed out guitars, swirling organ riffs and shimmering vocals. The song here, "Door" was probably the best track, and one of the band's most popular. Even better than their sound was the band's ability to generate press coverage. They garnered national attention with a photo and write up in Vanity Fair of all places, and managed to keep on for several years. They went through a number of line up changes and later releases like 1988's Innermission, while solid, didn't have the raw intensity of that first record.

Blacklight Chameleons -- Door

Blacklight Chameleons Theme