August 14, 2009

Mod-A-Day: Cola Jet Set

All apologies for the late post today. But, as usual, good things come to those who wait.

I never know what they're saying, but I love it. Cola Jet Set are a Spanish pop band with a bubblegum sound infused with sixties and seventies pop overtones, and all topped off with a twee sort of indie finish. Everything they do is in Spanish, but not metter. I could listen to anything Cola Jet Set produces because the music is simply so good it doesn't matter if you can understand the lyrics or not. Even for a silly mono-language American like me this is pitch perfect pop.

Cola Jet Set has been producing smooth, mod friendly power pop since around 2000, now with two full length releases to their credit. Their first, Contando Historias, dropped in 2004, and was followed --after a number of lineup changes-- earlier this year by their latest Guitarras y Tambores. The latest, not as rockin' as The Lodgers, and not as disco as Acid House Kings, and not as sixties as the Free Design, still has echoes of each of those bands throughout. And, as usual, the band's sound is not that far removed from The Monkees, or The Jet Set, or even contemporaries like The Red Button, The Bicycles, or The Icicles. The song here, "El sueño de mi vida", was the band's entry in this year's Eurovision contest in Spain. This song is just one of the dozen on the new album, which I think is by far their best.

Cola Jet Set -- El sueño de mi vida