April 30, 2010

Eli Paperboy Reed is one sweet soul singer

Finding good, new, original soul music these days is not exactly hard to do, not nearly as hard say, as not eating onion rings during happy hour on a Friday night.

It's not hard to like the forthcoming new album from Eli "Paperboy" Reed, Come And Get It, is chock full of Motown sounding soul. Reed is a nittier, grittier, hard and nasty R&B soul man than this album shows. His past work has been more James Brown than Sam Cooke, but that changes here. When you're listening to Come And Get It you can just see Reed singing the smooth soul songs, clapping his hands, and suavely spinning in place as he belts it out. You will be forgiven for reminiscing about Smokey, the Temps or the Tops. At least until the last track, "Explosion". After moving through eleven sweet soul songs, that last track really is an Explosion, showing that Reed still has the chops to bring it hard and nasty.

Eli Paperboy Reed -- Young Girl

Eli Paperboy Reed -- Explosion