April 12, 2010

Modcast #162: The Way It Is

Another week, another super cool modcast to get you going. Is there a better way to start your week? I don't think so. This week's show has some old stuff, some new stuff, some not so old or new stuff. From Switzerland to California and pretty much everywhere in between, I'm giving you the goods to get through this week with your spirits high. (You can get some other high spirits during happy hour!)

The Fonxinaires (featuring Brandy Butler) -- Soul Garage (2009)
Très Bien! -- Between The Sheets (2010)
The Pablos -- Lose Control (2009)
Mark & The Spies -- If I Really Bug You (2007)
Locksley -- Hello Tomo (2008)
The Lolas -- Me and Barbara Stanwyck (2006)
Secret Beauty Cream -- Shake For You (2008)
The Eyes -- TAQN (1978)
The Stilettos -- This Is The Way (1978)
The Lovethugs -- Close Beside Her (2005)
The Animals -- She Said Yeah (1964)

Locksley -- Darling, It's True

Très Bien! -- If At First