April 27, 2010

Modcast #164: Mod Men

Welcome to Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World. This week's show is brought to you by the letter Y as in Y chromosome. It's mod men week on the modcast. I've collected songs from mod men, some with undeniable mod street cred like Ray Davies, Steve Marriot, or Paul Weller, and to others like Mose Allison and Paul Heaton who I will go to my grave arguing are every bit the mod as any other man. Regardless of all that, you can't argue with the songs. It's another great mix, if I do say so myself.

It was hard to put together the list, partly because what I really wanted were established artists who were now doing solo work. It was easy for some of them. Then there were others, like Steve Marriot who I really wanted to put in the show, that I had to dig deep and still found them in a band situation, or guys like Mose Allison who have essentially been solo artists for their entire careers, I included them anyhow.

Listen Now

Mose Allison -- Seventh Son (1962)
David Bowie -- Love You Till Tuesday (1967)
Manfred Mann -- 5-4-3-2-1 (1964)
Steve Marriott -- Money Money (1964)
Graham Coxon -- See Saw (2006)
Paul Heaton -- I Do (2008)
Adrian Holder -- Goodbye Tuesday (2006)
Paul Bevoir --It's Gotta Stop Somewhere (1992)
Liam Gallagher -- Married With Children (1994)
Ray Davies -- Other People's Lives (2006)
Paul Weller -- Broken Stones (1995)

Ray Davies - 20th Century Man

The Jetset (Paul Bevoir) -- Wednesday Girl

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Anonymous said...

Alright? Well i rode a scooter up until last year and my Soul and R'n'B collection could outstrip most. So, yeah put me down as Mod if you like! All the best Paul Heaton

Brian Jonny said...

Heyh!! How The fuck you know this much about things?? or is there many writers on blog. Truly Amazing.

Mr. Suave said...

Paul, thanks for stopping by. Too bad about the scooter, but at least you've still got the record collection!

Brian, just lonely old me posting here. I don't know much, but I know what I like.

Anonymous said...
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Rotwang said...

Love your show.

This show was even more so.

I'm getting a real education.