February 7, 2009

Mod-A-Day:PP Arnold

You are forgiven if you think this song was written or arranged by Burt Bacharach. I'm a huge Bacharach fan, so it's no surprise that this song would leap out of the speakers, grab me by the ears and shake my head pretty hard. But, it isn't Bacharach.

The songstress here is PP Arnold, though as of yet I've been unable to determine who penned the lyrics or notes. No matter, it's a great piece of easy listening soul that fits with Ms. Arnold's voice so perfectly that you know Something Beatiful Happened. PP Arnold started out as a child gospel singer --no big surprise there-- and later after a sting as an Ikette with Ike & Tina, she backed up the Rolling Stones, and even more often the Small Faces. She also produced a number of albums for Immediate records, enough to earn the moniker of First Lady of Immediate. She eventually wound up on TV -- on Knots Landing of all things -- but still remains a soul diva. Just listen to those vocals and you'll see why.

PP Arnold -- Something Beautiful Happened