February 5, 2009

Mod-A-Day: Headquarters

Sometime in the last century Charles Wallace got hooked up with director Kolton Lee and they began to create a short film titled American Mod. I haven't seen the film (which starred Morningwood leading lady Chantal Claret), but from what I've read it sounds a bit like a knock-off of Quadrophenia complete with love sick mods, pill popping mods, drug buying mods, and lots of hip dressed mods on scooters out nightclubbing. (this clip would seem to corroborate my suspicions).

No matter, that's all just the lead up to the best part. Headquarters. In the fine tradition of bands put together for film appearances, Wallace created Headquarters to do the soundtrack. Lucky for us they stuck with it for a few years and a few releases, and also lucky that the band seems far superior to the band. Most notable of their release, and by far the most enjoyable, is 2005's Get Your Head On which featured the track I'm highlighting here, "Tunnelvision". The album is a quick tour-de-force of psychadelic power pop, all of which flies along at a breakneck pace. The band's releases have grown more and more psychadelic over time, culminating with their last O and O in 2007. But "Tunnelvision", for me, remains their best and the highpoint of their highest heights.

Headquarters -- Tunnelvision