February 1, 2009

Modcast #117: Shoutin' To The Top [original broadcast 2009]

It's all smack and tackle thanks to this being Superbowl weekend. The food is great, but I'm not one for the game myself. I'd much rather sitdown and listen to some great garage rock, or some swingin' lounge music.

Or, I could mix up a modcast of epic proportions. Now that's the ticket. Flashback to 1984, and to 1967, and to 1978, and even just back to '02. Flashbacks are great aren't they? So are the tracks on this week's modcast.

Okay, maybe not epic, but pretty damn good none the less. Got a couple of new things to serve up for you: some power pop from The Wishes, and some very excellent mod R&B courtesy of Invisible Lead Soup. And there's a few nice gems here that I blew the dust off of which I think you'll dig from The Standells, the Sidewalks and not the least of which is a great little song from power pop composer Gary Valentine who, sadly, has never received the accolades he's due. I think you'll appreciate the opening track, a cover of TSC's Shout To The Top by Robbers on High Street and part of the really cool Rewind project from Buffet Libre. The crew at Buffet Libre solicited current bands to cover their favorite songs of the 80s -- hence the Robbers selection of TSC. The results are mixed, but always interesting. Some are pretty honest, and honoring, covers like the Robbers, and others are unique revisionings of songs like the very electro cover of the Buzzcocks' Ever Fallen in Love by Sportsday Megaphone. It's a cool collection, and you can download any of the songs, so I'm sure you'll waste more than just a little time there perusing the offerings. I know I did.