February 25, 2009

Mod-A-Day: The Shy Guys

[Note: player below has been fixed and is now playing the right song! Sorry for the confusion.]

This track by The Shy Guys (the garage rockers not the sixties doowop group) was my favorit on the very first sixties garage compilation I ever bought.  I picked it up in 1983 at what was then the Inland Empire's only independent record store, Rhino Records in Claremont.  I remember being amazed at the title Florida Punk Groups From The Sixties, and totally thrilled by the idea that even in the sixties there had been punk rock.  It's a great comp and I have to give a nod to the blog PARADISE OF GARAGE COMPS! where it popped up last week and reminded me of what a great album it is.

Couldn't really tell you much about the band, but the song "Black Lightning Light" is a fuzz busting, guitar crunching, psychadelic romp.

the Shy Guys -- Black Lightning Light