February 25, 2009

Mod-A-Day: The Shy Guys

[Note: player below has been fixed and is now playing the right song! Sorry for the confusion.]

This track by The Shy Guys (the garage rockers not the sixties doowop group) was my favorit on the very first sixties garage compilation I ever bought.  I picked it up in 1983 at what was then the Inland Empire's only independent record store, Rhino Records in Claremont.  I remember being amazed at the title Florida Punk Groups From The Sixties, and totally thrilled by the idea that even in the sixties there had been punk rock.  It's a great comp and I have to give a nod to the blog PARADISE OF GARAGE COMPS! where it popped up last week and reminded me of what a great album it is.

Couldn't really tell you much about the band, but the song "Black Lightning Light" is a fuzz busting, guitar crunching, psychadelic romp.

the Shy Guys -- Black Lightning Light


Anonymous said...

The Shy Guys were a 5-piece group (bass, drums, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, keyboard) that hailed for Sanford, Florida (north of Orlando). At the time, our ages ranged from 15 to 16. BLL actually started out as a jam in E minor (7th added) that the Shy Guys used to play to get warmed up before rehearsal. The song came together one evening at one rehearsal during an infamous central florida lightning storm that knocked out power. I authored the words and melody. Later, that song and 3 others were recorded in June 1968 in Nashville, Tennessee on a 4-track recorder. BLL and Goodbye to You were later released as a 45 single. Only 500 copies of the record were ever pressed. Virgin (never played) copies of BLL still exist after all these years. Thanks to all now who have "discovered" this song. That is truly mind-blowing.


Mr. Suave said...

Wayne, thanks for the update. I love that track, as well as the other one which I think was called "Goodbye to you." Those were some great sounds you guys produced. Did the band have any other recordings?