July 21, 2009

Modcast #135: Power Pop Summer

Welcome to another mid-summer classic, this of the power pop kind. There's nothing better than the news that power pop legends Cheap Trick -- celebrating their 35th year of existence if you can believe it -- have a new album simply titled The Latest. Or that California's own sunshine power poppers extraordinaire, The Orange Peels, have a new release in the works. And if you throw in new stuff from the Beat Seekers, Baskervilles and Green Day, well than you've got a summer line up that is sure to be a winner. Pull a lawn chair, smooth out a blanket, pop open a cold one or six, and enjoy the show my friends.

Cheap Trick -- When The Lights Go Out (2009)
The Orange Peels -- Birds of a Feather (2009)
The Beat Seekers -- Don't Blame Me (2009)
Baskervilles -- Caught in a Crosswalk (2008)
Albert Hammond Jr. -- In Transit (2006)
Holiday -- Who's Gonna Find Out (1996)
Green Day -- Lights Out (2009)
Rinaldi Sings -- Goodbye Steve McQueen (2008)
The Elephants -- Obvious (2007)
The Corner Laughers -- You Two Are The Ones (2006)
Travoltas -- Endless Summer (2002)

Bonus Videos:

Baskervilles - Midnight at the Underground Club

Beatseekers -- Dead Air Radio (Live)

The Orange Peels -- So Far