July 30, 2009

Mod-A-Day: The Booby Traps

These Booby Traps are a rockin, trashy garage punk combo from down under, not the US east coast boy bar band. Oh yeah, and these Booby Traps know how to kick up a storm. The girls look like they were dressed by the Hives, and sound like they were trained by The Pandoras. The boys are all in black, and their sound is deep, dark, driving and definitley bad ass. It's all pure rock-n-roll. You can hear echoes of the Who and the Stones, and lots of early rock influences like Bo Diddley. But there's also the fuzzed up swagger of the garage revivalists of the 80s like The Pandoras, The Chesterfield Kings, The Fuzztones and so on.

Thier second LP Makin It with the Booby Traps bowed in '08 and is a floor stompin, hip shakin', go-go inducing album that showcases the snarly, yet girlish vocals of Carrie, whose voice floats effortless atop a wave of sound built by the band, like it does on this somewhat stereotypical garage rocker "Be My Caveman". A recently posted track on their myspace page, "Bad Reputation" is methodically blistering in its attack, and shows the band continuing in the same, wonderful, vein.

The Booby Traps -- Clara Bow