July 6, 2009

Mod-A-Day: The Now

The Now were one of many skinnytie wearing power poppers to try and break out in 1979. They released just one record before label troubles wiped them out, which is sad because it showed great potential. With a sound that fit somewhere between The Records and The Jags, the band punched out ten sixties-tinged power pop tracks that ranged from very radio friendly "Can You Fix Me Up With Her", to the rockin' "Flex Your Muscle", to the Raspberries-like anthemic pop sound of "Reaction", to the album's most cliche but still fun "What's Her Name." The song here, "Baby, I'm Bad", is by far their edgiest. Clocking in at under two minutes its speedy, punky, snarky and really almost two short songs in one with a machine gun solo in the middle.

The Now -- Baby I'm Bad