July 22, 2009

Mod-A-Day: The Knack

Everyone's heard "My Sharona" the debut single by The Knack. How many bands have their debut single go to #1? Bloody few to be sure. The Knack were the first power pop band to break into the charts. They didn't just break into, but broke the US charts climbing all the way to number one, the first of the new wave power pop bands to ever do so.

"My Sharona" was released in 1979 and shot to #1 bursting America's power pop cherry, and then sat atop charts plagued with lots of disco flostsam and jetsam for six weeks.

The consequence of such a stellar debut? Well, for most people it's all they know about The Knack. The public really never got to know that band that penned lots of cool power pop tunes with great sixties overtones, and lots of rock, like the song here, "Good Girls Don't". The video below will make most people wonder, Sharona who?

The Knack
-- Good Girls Don't

The Knack -- The Hard Way