July 17, 2009

Mod-A-Day: Mando Diao

The words Mando Diao appeared to Swedish garage rocker Björn Dixgård and so that's what he named his band. Mando Daio could easily be lumped into the Britpop category, and rightly so, but the band is more than that. With ten years and five full LPs under their belts (and a whopping 17 videos), the band has built a huge following across Europe, with their latest album Give Me Fire topping the charts in Germany and a handful of other countries. Their heavily sixties influenced sound ranges from the slow and introspective "How We Walk" to the soul infused garage rock of "Motown Blood", to the post-punk screamer "Killer Kaczynyski" to the sixties sound of the song here, "And I Don't Know" from their B-Sides and Demos compilation.

Mando Diao -- And I Don't Know

Mando Diao -- Gloria