July 18, 2009

Mod-A-Day: The Last of the International Playboys

The Last of the International Playboys is a popular phrase being the name of multiple songs and albums, most notably by Morrissey on his last release, but is the name of only one band. A big band. A big latin jazz band with big vocals. TLOTIP is the offspring of German bandleader Walter Kuehr who put together a big band of accomplished jazz and swing artists in New York in the early 90s. The result was a 1997 self-titled release of "Vegas jazz and Latin lounge" that perfectly suited the cocktail nation's desire for smokey lounge. But this was more than just lounge. TLOTIP was lush, melodius, fully smokey and sometimes dark jazz that was perfect for sipping scotch. The disk had a sort of hit (among the loungophiles anyhow) with "I Want My Old Life Back", and had a number of great big band instrumentals such as "Lovers and Losers", and cool sax jazz like "Last Chance to Dance". The song here, "Two Big Whiskey's for Little Ann" features the voice of Babi Floyd and is simply the sound of swank.

The Last of the International Playboys -- Two Big Whiskey's For Little Ann