April 5, 2009

Modcast #124: This is not a polka, this is rock and roll

Welcome to the flight, your pilot this week is the indisputable king of the guest DeeJays, Ken from The Shingles. Be sure to put your seat in its fully reclined condition, top off your libation and loosen your seat belt because Cap'n Ken's back again with a rock'em, sock'em lineup of mod tunes. Your inflight entertainment will include brand new tracks by Tinted Windows (note to Taylor Hanson, Rick Springfield called and he wants his look back) and Madness, as well as recent goodies from Boss Martians, The Major Labels, Muck & The Mires, and more. Happy landings.

1. 88 - Go Go Go (Not Only... But Also,
2. Tinted Windows -
Kind of a Girl (Tinted Windows, 2009)
3. Air Traffic - Just Abuse Me (Fractured
Life, 2007)
4. Beat Union -
Disconnected (Disconnected, 2008)
5. Winnerys - Get Into My Life (Daily
Urban Times, 2006)
6. Major
- Don't Hear A Single (Aquavia, 2008)
7. Frank Popp Ensemble - Psychedelic Girl
(Touch & Go, 2005)
8. Solution - Had You Told It
Like It Was (It Wouldn't Be Like It Is) (Will Not Be Televised, 2007)
9. Madness - We Are London (The Liberty Of
Norton Folgate, 2009)
10. Metros -
Last Of The Lookers (More Money Less Grief, 2008)
11. Muck & the Mires - Hypnotic
(Hypnotic, 2008)
12. Boss
- Mars Is for Martians (Pressure in the S.O.D.O., 2008)
13. Rulers - I Want My Ramones Records
Back (The Rulers Single, 2008)

Tinted Windows - Kind of a Girl