April 18, 2009

Mod-A-Day: The Booby Traps (and roller derby!)

Got another Aussie band for you. In honor of my first roller derby match of the season I'm serrving up some good ol' kick ass rock and roll from The Booby Traps.

The first actual punk rock sport comes along and damn if it isn't just ladies only. Sadly, roller derby seems to have gone mainstream -- hell, here it's in the Key Arena these days. Gone is the thunderdome feel of watching girls skate in an old hangar while the crowd guzzles inhuman amounts of Pabst beer. Now it is all Key Arena luxury boxes and $12 microbrews. Still, the punk rock ethos abounds, there's no way to get away from that when there are chicks on skates crackin' each other's skulls while rock music blares from the speakers. (Note to the Key Arena organizers: If there's no garage punk playin' I won't be stayin.)

So, back to The Booby Traps. Sure they've got a new album out that channels The Who, The Sonics and other sixties greats, and of coure you all are going to go right out and buy it. But, when you're going out to see some heavy duty girl on girl action around the flat track, there's no getting away from the fact that "Ms. Fireball" should be some sort of roller derby theme song. "Ms. Fireball" is a ball burnin' bit of garage rock that evokes the very heart and soul of roller derby. At least derby as we know it here in the northwest -- a punk rock sport championed by the bad ass Rat City Rollergirls. Have to say I've got my money on the Derby Liberation Front tonight, but my heart is with the Throttle Rockets this season. Either way it will be loud, fast, and fun.

The Booby Traps -- Ms. Fireball

Blood On The Flat Track

Youtube this Uncle Leon & The Alibis -- Roller Derby Saved My Soul