April 16, 2009

Mod-A-Day: The Bristols

In 1986 garage rock diva Fabienne Delsol joined up with some session players and producers at London's Toe-rag Studios forming the garage rock band The Bristols. The rest as they say is history, and what history. Loads of floor shakin', brain rattlin', ear shatterin' sixties styled garage beat, all wrapped up in Ms. Delsol's coquettish vocals.

Her voice tiptoes effortlessly across the top of driving beat music in such a charming and delightful manner that you almost forget there's a band rocking out hard right behind her. While The Bristols called it quits in 2003, Ms. Delsol has soldiered on producing quality albums of sixties pop, psychadelia and garage with a soulfulness and ease that most mod bands would die for.

The song here, "The Way I Feel About You", was never released officially as far as I know, appearing only on the The Sympathetic Sounds Of Toe-Rag compilation.

The Bristols -- The Way I Feel About You