April 15, 2009

Mod-A-Day: Generation X

What can be said about Generation X that hasn't already been said in dozens of euglogies for Billy Idol's original persona? Not much. Suffice to say that in the late 70s --like The Undertones and The Buzzcocks-- Generation X strode the line between mod and punk with one foot firmly in each camp. Their images was punk, the tone was tough, the songs were snotty, and the attitude was classic punk rock. At the same time their sound was often more in line with the mod revival as they sported an obvious love affair with sixties R&B and power pop.

Ultimately Idol would sell out to whatever fad he thought would get him some exposure (remember his disasterous cyberpunk phase?). The band's other member of note, Tony James went on to form Sigue Sigue Sputnick, The Sisters of Mercy, and most recently teamed up with Mick Jones of The Clash in Carbon/Silicon.

In honor of what Mr. Idol once was today you get a threesome, two songs and a video. Enjoy.

Generation X -- One Hundred Punks

Generation X -- Ready Steady Go

Generation X -- Kiss Me Deadly