April 27, 2009

Mod-A-Day: The Diplomats of Solid Sound

The Diplomats of Solid Sound have been pumping out solid soul with style from the heartland for about a decade. The band started in the late 90's but really took off with the addition of Hammond B3 master Nate "Count" Basinger around the turn of the century, and immediately started producing some fine recordings of Memphis style soul.

The sound, pure soul, over the years has ranged from the cool, swingin' and at times even loungey sound of their first album Instrumental Action Soul to more bluesy and sometimes modern jazz sounding tracks of Destination...Get Down!, incorporating more saxophone and horns than you might expect.

The song here, "Lights Out" is from the new release by The Diplomats of Solid Sound - for the first time featuring the Diplomettes. The Diplomettes add vocals to the Diplomats mix for the first time, and what vocals. Gritty and rough, and then equally velvety smooth at times. This latest CD puts all this together simply sizzles with soul and wicked good R&B. Nate Basinger's Hammond playing is inspired throughout. If you're jonesing for a soul fix then this one is highly recommended.

The Diplomats of Solid Sound featuring the Diplomettes -- Lights Out