April 30, 2009

Mod-A-Day: Greenberry Woods

If 90s power pop is your thing, you probably loved Greenberry Woods. Even with everything going for it (talent, major label, growing fame) Greenberry Woods, like power pop in general, was relegated to the back of the bus. The band produced only two albums, due in part to the timing, and in part to band members inability to get along. The band came along just as grunge was exploding and rap was in its decade long reign over MTV, which I think made it hard going even for good power pop bands. Greenberry Woods finally self destructed allowing brothers Matt and Brandt Huseman to go forward with Splitsville, a band that was admittedly more modish than Greenberry Woods ever was. Still, the Woods produced some good power pop, at times with nice sixties overtones, such as "More and More" and the track here "#37 (Feels So Strange)" from their debut album 1994's Rapple Dapple.

Greenberry Woods -- #37 (Feels So Strange)